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Keeping on the right track
Keeping on the right track

Sara Monforte believes the Yellows, who host Athletic (Saturday, 12pm CEST), must persist with their game

Villarreal head coach Sara Monforte explained that the Yellows, despite the defeat against Real Madrid in stoppage time, are aiming to keep up their form tomorrow Saturday against Athletic Club (Mini Estadi, 12pm CEST), as the team have shown themselves to be very competitive. “Against Real Madrid we played a great game. It was very unfair to lose. A draw would have been fair. The team has to continue in the same way, but with more offensive depth. We came away with no points, but with a very good feeling. I’m sure it will help us tomorrow against Athletic.”

As for their opponents, the coach from Castellón highlighted the solidity of the Bilbao side, who have yet to win away from home. “We have to be solid because Athletic will have the ball. They have very young players because they have a very good command of the youth system. We must also have personality on the ball to be able to create chances on goal. The two areas are what will define everything. They come with a lot of motivation and a positive dynamic, but they haven’t been able to win away from home and it will be a challenge for them, although those things weigh on them and they will be a bit anxious in that respect.”

Monforte also appealed to the fans: “In the two home games, there were a lot of Villarreal fans in the stands and tomorrow we need the fans. The players say it, that the fans are number 12. I also say to the fans that they will have a good time because Athletic are also a great team and they will see a good game.”