Iborra: “I’m more excited than ever”
Iborra: “I’m more excited than ever”

The midfielder showed his satisfaction after renewing his contract with Villarreal until 2024

Villarreal CF and Vicente Iborra will remain united until 30th June 2024. After signing his contract renewal, the midfielder had a message of gratitude for the club: “I’m very happy. Mainly, I’m grateful to the club for this gesture at a difficult time for me as I am still recovering from a serious injury. I’m going to do everything I can to repay the confidence the club has shown in me on the pitch.”

Iborra emphasised his excitement for the 2021/22 season: “We are going to play in three great and very demanding competitions. On a personal level, it is going to be a very important season. I’m more excited than ever, it’s going to be like making my debut all over again. I can’t wait to get back to the level I want to be at, to feel like a footballer again and try to keep improving as I’ve always done.”

The footballer from Moncada also had a message for Villarreal fans: “After these times we’ve been through, of course the fans are excited. We’ve done all we can to make them feel part of the team. For us it’s an incentive that they have high hopes for the Champions League. It’s the biggest competition in Europe and we’re going to go for it.”