Groguet twins from birth
Groguet twins from birth

Teo and Mauro have spent their whole lives wearing the Villarreal shirt at Miralcamp and cheering on at La Cerámica

Brothers Teo and Mauro Bou Sarrión have been with Villarreal for 11 years, more than two-thirds of their lives. They started in the psychomotor skills for kids, the stage before officially forming part of Yellows Academy team, and within two years of starting to have fun at Miralcamp they were already playing in the Villarreal colours, as they are still doing today for the Submarine’s U15s (Cadete B).

The Bou Sarrións are among the many brothers who form part of Villarreal’s youth football, with the particularity of being twins, playing together from an early age and having almost identical characteristics, both physically and on the pitch.

There was only one year in which these right-sided centre-backs who are so comfortable at playing out from the back were separated on the pitch. It was in their last season in eight-a-side football, when Teo played for the U12s (Alevín A), playing in LaLiga Promises, and Mauro went on loan to CD Roda, one of the Yellows Academy’s affiliated teams. However, the following year shared a dressing room again.

On the other hand, the fact that they have (almost) always played together is a plus on the pitch. “We understand each other perfectly”, explains Teo, to which his brother adds that “playing both as centre-backs is also an advantage” to increase this understanding on the pitch.

It is not known if it is only because of their characteristics or if it is also a matter of fate that Teo moved from striker to midfielder and then to centre-back over the years until he played alongside his brother. At the same time, Mauro can also play at right-back if the coaching staff requires him to do so on an occasional need.

Such is this understanding between the Bou brothers, roommates on all their travels, that Teo says that his best moment in the youth system was “playing LaLiga Promises in Vila-real”, while for Mauro, winner of important tournaments with Villarreal, it was “watching him play in the Promises.”

Groguets since the day they were born

These twins born in Vila-real feel the colours since they can remember and, for them, being able to play at the highest level in the team of their town “is a gift” and “an opportunity that cannot be refused”. And the fact is that Teo and Mauro have been nurtured by Villarreal since they were young, as their grandfather, Manuel Sarrión (Albuixech, 1950), is a member of the Yellows’ board of directors.

Coming from their family and wearing their shirt every week on the Community of Valencia’s pitches, the Bou Sarrións are 100% groguets, with Villarreal being an important part of their lives.

Between Miralcamp and La Cerámica

At weekends, as well as playing great matches with their team, who finished third in their league this past weekend, they are regulars at the Estadio de la Cerámica to cheer on the first team and, as they themselves confess, in the run-up to the big games, such as those they have experienced this season in the Champions League.

Their commitments with the U15s have prevented them from travelling to the massive Champions League trips this year, but Teo and Mauro did not miss the glorious UEFA Europa League final in Poland. There, they saw the team they love the most win the first European title in their history.