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“Getting points at home is very important”
“Getting points at home is very important”

Miguel Álvarez has underlined the importance of the team being at their best at the Mini Estadi

Villarreal B head coach Miguel Álvarez appeared in front of the media in the pre-match press conference before the Mini Submarine’s tie against CD Mirandés, corresponding to Matchday 4 of the current LaLiga SmartBank season, which will take place on Saturday 3rd September at 4:15pm CEST at the Mini Estadi.

About CD Mirandés

“Every opponent is difficult, but perhaps this is the opponent that is most similar to us. They are a very lively side, with very young players. Changing almost the entire squad in a divisoin like LaLiga SmartBank is very difficult. It’s a project with a lot of merit. CD Mirandés play a similar game to ours, they’ve had a difficult start, but as the weeks go by they’re going to grow.”

Being at their best

“Points at home are very important. For example, the first 20 minutes against Eibar we were far from our best, then it was us again. We have to maintain that level, look for the opposition, be aggressive… At home we want to show the best version of ourselves, as it’s essential to get the points and achieve our objectives.”


“We have to play very well. The fans want to see good play and want the team to win. Last week there were 2,100 people here, we’ll see if little by little more people come. With time, the fans will become more and more enthusiastic, as there are some very attractive teams in this league.”

New faces and injuries

“The new guys have had very little time. Fall looks very good, we have yet to see him compete, but we can probably see him this week. Abraham has a small injury and won’t be ready. Pablo is a very important player, because of his experience, good work and leadership skills. We have to overcome the loss of important players because it’s going to happen throughout the year. We’ll see if there’s time for players like Abraham, Fall or Carlos Romero to adapt to the division. Those that are there are going to have to dig in.”