Get the Conquistando Escalones charity book!
Get the Conquistando Escalones charity book!

Villarreal once more are collaborating with the charity, promoting a children’s book

Villarreal CF, through the Endavant Solidaritat project, has decided to once more collaborate with the Conquistando Escalones charity, with the aim of promoting the children’s book raising money for the charity, ‘El torneo de su vida’, which means ‘The tournament of his life’ in English.

The illustrated book is about Felipe, who arrives at a new school and makes friends, while he realises that his body starts to feel strange and he stops being able to run or climb stairs like the others. It tells us about the adventures of a group of boys and girls who create a strong link and fight together for an exciting objective. It is an exciting story about friendship, football, and above all, inclusivity. Disability far from messages about heroism or paternalism.

The funds raised from the sales of this book go towards investigation of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 1F and HIV. The author is Abrahán Guirao Romero and the illustrator is Ismael Cabedo Romero. It is available in Spanish, Valencian and French. It can be bought, as well as masks and artesan beers in the Conquistando Escalones charity’s online shop, as well as in bookstores such as Amazon, la Casa del Libro, El Corte Inglés, thanks to distribution from the NPQ editorial company. 


The charity’s president Abrahán Gurao visited the Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva) to share the charity’s new project with first-team players.

Both players and staff from the first team were able to find out more about the children’s book in person. Abrahán Gurao wanted to thank them for their support, gifting each of them a copy of the book. The aim of the book is to underline the importance of inclusivity, respect and friendship, alongside sporting values. Villarreal CF and Conquistando Escalones have been working together for a number of years.


The Conquistando Escalones charity is continuing to evolve with the aim of fundraising. It recently opened a Twitch channel, which can be found at The main aim of its creation is a charity campaign with the aim of raising €20,000, which will go towards roughly a year’s research at the University of Valencia. They are testing pharmaceuticals to treat limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 1F-D2, which are already being trialled in cells of those affected, the step ahead of trials in patients themselves. Anyone is able to donate to the charity campaign, and they can also receive rewards and gifts (including sponsoring the campaign if they are a business). The cost of the research for it to run at an optimal level is €200,000.

The campaign works by challenges, which happen live on the channel, when certain economic objectives are reached. There are a number of different activities, from tasting things to doing monologues in public, competitions to wining video consoles, radical changes of looks or recording songs. The final challenge, when the €20,000 are raised, will be taking part in a wrestle with professionals.

You can donate here: DONATIONS

Click play to watch the interview speaking about the charity’s projects (in Spanish) with Abrahán Guirao.