Footballers send support to Olympians
Footballers send support to Olympians

The Villarreal CF players send a message to the athletes who will compete at Rio 2016

The countdown has begun. For this reason, the Villarreal CF footballers wanted to wish good luck to the Olympic athletes who are sponsored by the club, within the Endavant Esports initiative, and will compete at Rio 2016. In this video the Submarine players show they are fully behind the athletes and willing them on to achieve their goals. The competition is only three days away and therefore the Yellows wanted to send the Olympians this message of support.

The athletes sponsored by Villarreal CF, within the Endavant Esports initiative, who will compete at Rio 2016 are the following:

  • Pablo Herrera (Beach Volleyball).
  • Roberto Bautista (Tenis).
  • Bruno Hortelano (200m).
  • Pablo Torrijos (Triple Jump).
  • Daniel Andújar (800m).
  • Francisco Arcilla (50km Walk).
  • Frank Casañas (Discus).
  • Javier Cienfuegos (Hammer Throw).
  • Yidiel Contreras (110m Hurdles).
  • Álvaro Martín (20km Walk).
  • Lois Maikel Martínez (Discus).
  • Concha Montaner (Long Jump).
  • Patricia Sarrapio (Triple Jump).
  • Julia Takacs (20km Walk).
  • Abdel Ait (Paralympic Marathon).
  • Ariadna Edo (Paralympic Swimming).

Endavant Esports: A support project with many faces

The Endavant Esports project was established in 2004 to promote the development of sport in the province both at an economic and sporting level. In 2008 the club gave grants to those athletes participating in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Last season, Villarreal CF invested more than 720,000 Euros in the Endavant Esports initiative.  

Currently, Endavant Esports sponsors more than ten clubs from different disciplines (CA Playas de Castellón, CD Roda, CF Primer Toque, Amics del Bàsquet, CV l’Illa-Grau, CV Mediterráneo, CV Grau Castelló, Peñíscola FS Rehabmedic, Auto-Real Moldeazul, CD Balonmano Castellón and Vila-real Bàsquet Club), five athletes (Pablo Herrera, Roberto Bautista, Sebastián Mora, Pablo Torrijos and Sara Sorribes), also a part dedicated to the ‘Pilota Valenciana’ and works with 42 football clubs from the province, who in total have received 2,000 cardiac tests to prevent possible illnesses. All together, Endavant Esports works with almost 10,000 athletes from the province in their different disciplines.

Villarreal allocate 50,000 Euros for individual grants for athletes from CA Playas

In addition, the club has given 13 individual grants to athletes from Club Atletismo Playas de Castellón who will participate in Bazil’s Olympics. In total the club has allocated 50,000 Euros to help the athletes to be able to compete to their best.