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Ferran smiles once again
Ferran smiles once again

The youngster from Vilafranca, a victim of vandalism for his support for Villarreal, has experienced an unforgettable day during the match against Barça

Ferran enjoyed one of the happiest days of his life. This young Villarreal fan had the opportunity to live a unique experience in the match against FC Barcelona. What would have been a dream for him became a reality after suffering vandalism in the middle of his town’s festivities, as reported by El Periódico Mediterráneo on 13th August.

Invited by the club, the little fan from Vilafranca was one of the protagonists as he took to the pitch with the Villarreal first team. He was able to enjoy the match and afterwards he met his idols, having the opportunity to have his picture taken and get the signatures of the yellow stars.

Such joy may help him to forget the bad experience he had just a few weeks ago when he was the victim of a ruthless act of vandalism. This year, the 10-year-old was one of the festive representatives of his village, Vilafranca, and what was supposed to be an exciting and unforgettable experience turned into a nightmare.

As a tribute to his role as the town’s festive representative, a festive arch was prepared for him, made of marquetry wood and decorated with Yellow motifs, the work of the artist Vero Tena. It was a very special gift that thrilled the young Villarreal fan. The joy of receiving his recognition was proportional to the enormous sadness he felt when, one day in the middle of his town’s festivities, he woke up to find it shattered. A child’s illusion shattered into pieces.

This unjust situation was not lost on Villarreal, who, when this story reached the club, invited him to experience a unique day against an exceptional rival such as FC Barcelona. A small gesture to alleviate his displeasure and reward his unconditional love for the Submarine, which he proudly wears every day of his life.

Endavant Ferran!