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II Fan Day Celebration!
II Fan Day Celebration!
Villarreal CF

Yellow fans from all over the world will join our celebration against Levante UD

Villarreal CF will celebrate its second “Fan Day” this coming Saturday during the match against Levante UD (6 pm). This event wants to honor all the fans from outside the area of Vila-real / Castellón that have bought this season’s official supporters “Fan Card”. Villarreal expects the visit of fans from all over Spain and neighbor countries such as Belgium, Holland or Poland, to enjoy an amazing day on Saturday at both the Sports City and El Madrigal stadium.

The Submarine will host an event with a total of 70 fans, both young kids and senior supporters that come from cities such as: Brussels, Roma, Madrid, Barcelona and many more.

The club has arranged several leisure activities that will take place in the morning at the Sports City. At lunch time, Villarreal’s supporters union is hosting a massive lunch as a friendly encounter with Levante fans, Fan card holders and the rest of the Yellows. Finally, the Fan card holders will attend the important match that the Submarine will play against Levante UD at El Madrigal stadium.

Doogee, Dolores Cortés, Coca-Cola and Soloporteros Salera will sponsor the ‘II Fan Day”.

The club’s official sponsors Doogee, Dolores Cortés, Coca-Cola y Soloporteros (CC Salera), will join the celebration by supporting the event and helping with the organization. Thank you very much for your contribution makes this possible. ENDAVANT!