Endavant Esports: strengthening sport in Castellón
Endavant Esports: strengthening sport in Castellón

The sponsorship programme has incorporated seven new clubs and one athlete

Villarreal CF and Fundación Villarreal CF have presented the new Endavant Esports project for this current 2021/22 season. The sponsorhsip programme involves a total of 33 clubs and 16 athletes, who receive help from the yellows. This season, Endavant Esports has welcomed cyclist Óscar Cabedo, and the following clubs: Club Ciclista Sepelaco, Club Deportivo Balonmano Castellón, Club Handbol Nules, Club Handbol Unió Esportiva Betxí, Club Natación Nados Castellón, Club Natación Azahar Sincro and Templo Marcial Castellón.

The new integrants of the programme have bene speaking about joining a sporting sponsorship programme that has been in place since 2004. “The Endavant Esports project is a really positive collaboration with sport in the province of Castellón, and I think that it will help me a lot to have my name associated to a great club like Villarreal,” said cyclist Óscar Cabedo.

Javier Soriano, president of Club Natación Azahar Sincro, underlined how the help from Villarreal CF will benefit the synchronised swimming club: “The project seems fantastic to us. It makes us different, and it gives something else to the sports involved.” Ignacio Sorribas, president of handball club Club Handbol Betxi, thinks similarly: “It’s a great initiative. If football doesn’t help other sports, some of them will end up disappearing. We hope that this collaboration helps long term and helps us to improve the level of the club.”

Finally, the president of cycling club Club Ciclista Sepelaco, José Cabedo, underlined that he hopes to grow alongside Villarreal CF and the Fundación Villarreal CF: “it’s a project that helps a lot of clubs. We want our club to grow every year alongside Endavant Esports. This economic support will help us get our teams to more competitions and races, both nationally and internationally.”