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Foghetecaz, a team with a strange name
Foghetecaz, a team with a strange name

The fourth chapter of “Memories of the Centenary” looks at the rebirth of football in Vila-real after the Civil War

Villarreal CF publishes the fourth instalment of “Memories of the Centenary”, which delves into the history of the Foghetecaz and the rebirth of football in Vila-real after the Civil War thanks to the local supporters clubs.

The Club Atlético Foghetecaz, founded in 1942, was renamed CAF Villarreal in 1946, with the aim of representing the whole city after several years of excellent sporting success. Eight years after incorporating the local place name into the team’s name, in June 1954, the club’s board of directors decided to change the name to the current Villarreal CF.

Memories of the Centenary is a documentary series, promoted by Villarreal TV, which revives the memory and pays tribute to the most important characters and passages in the history of Villarreal and football in its city.

This short documentary features the voices and testimonies of Batiste González ‘El Lluent’, one of the team’s great stars; Julián García Candau, prestigious journalist from Vila-real; Manuel Vilanova, son of former Villarreal player and manager Manuel Vilanova; Vicent Gil, historian and former municipal archivist of Vila-real; Delfina and Gloria Calduch; daughters of the founder José Calduch; Miguel Batalla; son of Miguel Batalla, director of CAF Villarreal and president of Villarreal CF; and Fernando Peris, son of the mayor Vicente Peris, who played for CD Villarreal and rebuilt the stadium in 1950.

Contribute to the construction of the Historical Archive!

On the occasion of the club’s centenary, Villarreal CF has promoted the creation of the Historical Archive, a project whose aim is to gather all kinds of material linked to the club, which will allow us to reconstruct and enjoy again the different passages of the Submarine’s history.

This is an initiative that, in the club’s centenary year, is here to stay and with the mission of recovering our roots and strengthening the foundations of the club from now on. In order to carry it out, Villarreal CF invites its fans to submit photos, videos, objects or documents that could be useful to form a quality historical archive.

Fans can contact the club to collaborate in the initiative by filling out an online form, by telephone (964 500 250) or by going to the Centre Shop (Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am CET to 3pm CET and 5 to 8pm CET).

Help us!