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Defeat with Honor
Defeat with Honor


Villarreal, despite its good image, falls on their visit to Santiago Bernabeu

Villarreal could not overcome the curse of the Santiago Bernabeu, where they have never won, and ended up falling on their visit to Real Madrid (4-2). The Yellows, however, offered a great picture of their skill, but could not overcome the terribly tough merengue. To recall the two yellow goals, two authentic super goals from Mario and Giovani that surely will be among the best of the day.

Fortune turned against the Submarine from the beginning. After 6 minutes, and taking advantage of a defensive error from the yellows, Real Madrid took the lead through Gareth Bale, who got to the ball before Asenjo to make it 1-0. Completed initial stunning, the set of Marcelino’s side went up and began to fight back against the superiority of the meringues.

Just when the yellows were fine again, Madrid struck again. Bale burst down the wing and with a short center cross, put the ball in the area to take the lead, Benzema stuck in his foot to poke it behind the goalie and extend the lead of the locals. Interestingly, before the goal Villarreal created and their attack went well, but sometimes the lack of precision and other fast action of the white defense denied each Submarine attack.

In the 42nd minute however, the Submarine lurched. In a quick movement, Mario regained the edge of the area, and without thinking twice hit a powerful shot into the top corner which flew past Diego López. The scoring again brought Villarreal back into the game and did justice to earn the merits of a brave Submarine, and had not dropped their heads and quit.

Villarreal began the second half with the same idea. Marcelino’s men would remain true to themselves. In the first minutes after the break, the ball was for yellows. Accurate passing and movement trying to find the goal, while Marcelino triangulated quickly, easily surpassing the three-quarter line, but missing the last shot.

Establishing their presence as a real danger. Displaying its tremendous power, Benzema, with Jese put up a strong effort against the yellow. In the 63rd minute Jese beat Asenjo with a soft touch.

But Villarreal was not willing to compromise. Five minutes later, Modric tripped up Pereira in the backline and Giovani, with a magnificent free kick raised the score 3-2. The match was a real battle with the ball circulating around the field quickly.

The yellows, still behind on the scoreboard, kept their forward lines. And it was there that the Real Madrid found a new opportunity to do harm. In a quick exit to the contrary, Jesse focused at the edge of the box and Benzema, who came from the second line sent the ball into the net with a shot struck the post that eventually killed off the hope permanently for the yellows.


Real Madrid CF: Diego López; Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo (Fabio Coentrao, 17’; Arbeloa, 46’); Illarra, Modric, Di María (Xabi Alonso, 67’); Benzema, Bale and Jesé.
Villarreal CF: Asenjo; Mario, Musacchio, Dorado, Jaume Costa; Edu Ramos (Trigueros, 57’), Bruno, Aquino, Moi Gómez (Joan Román, 62’); Jonathan Pereira (Perbet, 67’) and Giovani.
Goals: 1-0, min. 6: Bale. 2-0, min. 24: Benzema. 2-1, min. 42: Mario. 3-1, min. 63: Jesé. 3-2, min. 68: Giovani. 4-2, min. 75: Benzema.
Referee: José Luis González González (Castilian-Leonese Committee). Yellow cards for Jaume Costa (54 ‘) and Mario (58’) from the Villarreal.
Subs: the twenty third day of the First Division between Real Madrid CF and Villarreal CF that was played at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.