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Defeat at the Carlos Belmonte (2-0)
Defeat at the Carlos Belmonte (2-0)

The Mini Submarine fall to Albacete, who scored two goals in the second half

Villarreal B were beaten 2-0 away to Albacete. The visitors held on to the initial score until half-time, but second-half goals from Medina and Manu Fuster swung the game in the home side’s favour.

The start of the game was not easy for Miguel Álvarez’s side, as Albacete needed to get back to winning ways and wanted to do so in front of their home fans. Chances were few and far between in the first half, but Iker Álvarez was on target in both of the home side’s approaches, while Rubén Albés’ side were in possession and the home side tried to get forward on the counter with Collado and Jorge Pascual waiting for their chance.

In a free-kick into the box, both León and Pablo Iñiguez were inches away from finishing the ball into the goalmouth. In the second half, the Yellows tried to start with more ball control, but Albacete’s early goal, scored by Agus Medina, did a lot of damage. Albacete again had some good minutes until Tasende came close to springing a surprise.

However, Manu Fuster, after a good play by Higinio, made it 2-0 and sealed the game in La Mancha. Villarreal B’s next game will take place on Monday 18th December against Real Valladolid at La Cerámica.


Albacete BP: Bernabé; Álvaro R., Djetei, Glauder (min. 90, Datkovic), J. Alonso; A. Medina, Olaetxea, Riki, Manu Fuster (min. 79, Juanma) ; Escriche (min. 90, Pacheco), Quiles (min. 68, Higinio).

Villarreal B: Iker Álvarez; Lanchi, Lekovic (min. 68, Víctor), P. Iñiguez, Abraham; Ontiveros (min. 79, Tiago), Carlo (min. 68, Requena), A. Gelardo, Tasende; D. Collado (min. 68, A. Forés), J. Pascual (min. 79, A. Ferrari).

Goals: 1-0. Min. 51: A. Medina. 2-0. Min. 71: Manu Fuster.

Referee: Moreno Aragón. Booked: Álvaro R., Manu Fuster (Albacete BP); Ontiveros, Lanchi (Villarreal B).

Matchday information: Partido entre el Albacete BP y el Villarreal B, correspondiente a la jornada 19 de LALIGA Hypermotion, celebrado en el Carlos Belmonte.