An open letter from José Manuel
An open letter from José Manuel

The vicepresident of the club, who is going through a difficult time with his health at present, would like to thank everyone for their messages of support

Dear friends,

About fifteen days ago I was diagnosed with leukemia. I am not going to explain how hard a blow this news was for me and for everyone around me, but I have to recognise that at that time I started to receive lots of messages and calls from friends, players, ex-players, members of coaching staff, fans and other people who have come through the club one way or another. What’s more, after a few days I heard our president sending me his best wishes after the game against Real Madrid. And so I decided to take the step to face this illness as positively as possible as I know that, beyond my own family, there are so many people concerned about my health. And for that reason I am going to fight to beat this illness. To do this, I have the help of the staff at the Hospital La Fe in Valenica, where there is one of the best teams in the world dedicated to the treatment of this illness. And I can say that as I am getting to know them I have seen this to be true and I have to thank all those that work in medical services at the hospital for the exquisite treatment I am receiving.

Apart from that I have all my family at my side: my wife, my children, the rest of my family who are accompanying me these days and all the other family I have who are those of you that are worried about me from all different corners of the world. I hope you help me a lot to get through the tough weeks that I have ahead of me and I ask you, for those of you that are believers, to pray for me; and for those of you that aren’t, to hold me in your thoughts to help me to keep moving forward.

The last thing I would like to tell you is to never forget that we have a great president, a great CEO, an extraordinary group of players and coaching staff, and I am sure that we are going to do great things this year and in those that will come. I would like to give you all a big hug very soon at the Estadio de la Cerámica.

Endavant, Villarreal!

José Manuel Llaneza

Villarreal CF vicepresident