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Accompany Villarreal in the Europa League final!
Accompany Villarreal in the Europa League final!

Season-ticket holders can now register to be there during the historic game in Gdansk (Poland)

We’ve done it! Villarreal CF will be in the UEFA Europa League final, which will take place on Wednesday 26th May at 9pm CEST in Gdansk (Poland). For this historic date against Manchester United, UEFA has given the Yellows 2,000 tickets to sell to fans.

With the aim of the Yellows fans being able to attend the final in the Gdansk Stadium in person, the club has organised a full trip for its fans, for 500€, which includes a charter flight (Castellón-Gdansk, both journeys on the day of the match), taxes and all transfers. To the price of the trip, you have to add the cost of the match ticket, which will cost between 40€ and 90€, depending on the category of the ticket. It needs to be taken into account that the club will not sell loose tickets. It will only sell the complete trip package (ticket + flights + transfers).

Furthermore, the possibility of organising, depending of the situation of the pandemic in Gdansk (Poland), an option for a trip which also includes a night in a hotel the day before the game (the hotel is not included in the price of 500€).

Villarreal season-ticket holders who want to go to the UEFA Europa League final can do so by registering their interest on the club’s official website, either going alone, or with up to one other person, who also needs to be a season-ticket holder. To register, a deposit of 50€ per person who wishes to attend is necessary. The registration period, which opens this afternoon, will end Wednesday 12th May at 11:30pm CEST.

Furthermore, fans will need to pass a PCR test less than two days before the trip to Poland. The cost of the PCR is not included in the price. Villarreal CF is looking at the possibility of carrying out mass testing on those days. 

Should the demand be greater than the amount of available tickets, the club’s criteria when establishing the choice of season-ticket holders who will go to the final will be as follows:

  1. Attendance of season-ticket holders will be rewarded. Should the registration for be an individual ticket, the number of games attended at the Estadio de la Cerámica during the 2019/20 season will be counted.
  2. Should the registration be for two tickets, the average number of games attended by both season-ticket holders during the 2019/20 season will be taken into account.
  3. The amount of time the season ticket has been in use.
  4. A raffle should there be a tie in the previous points.

On Thursday 13th May, once the registration period is over, Villarreal CF will get in touch with all of the fans who have completed registration to notify them if they have been chosen or not for the trip. Fans who receive the confirmation from the club will receive a code that they will need to use to buy the ticket on UEFA’s ticketing platform, as well as all the necessary information to successfully complete the purchase. Tickets need to be bought on that platform before Monday 17th May.

Fans who, should there be more demand than tickets, have not been successful based on the previous criteria, will receive their 50€ deposit back.

Yellows fans, who despite having been picked for the trip, do not buy their ticket from UEFA’s platform during the set period (until Monday 17th May), will lose their place, as well as the deposit of 50€ they placed while registering. The tickets will be freed for other fans to buy who were not selected during the first period. This process will take place on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th May.

After having purchased their ticket following instructions from the club, fans should get in contact with the Villarreal CF Travel Agency ( / telephone: +34 964 506 930) before 20th May to proceed to pay for the trip and therefore confirm their place at the historic UEFA Europa League finals for the Yellows in Gdansk.

The first payment of 50€ – necessary to confirm registration – will be discounted from the final price. Finally, the club will return the cost of the trip to fans who, despite having successfully completed the whole process, return a positive results in the compulsory PCR test, and therefore cannot travel to Poland.

Sign up by using the following link: I WANT TO GO TO GDANSK (UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL TICKET AND TRIP) .The platform will be open from Friday 7th May at 5pm CEST.

In summary, the steps to follow to travel to the UEFA Europa League final with Villarreal CF are as follows:

  • Sign up for the complete Villarreal CF trip and make a first payment of 50€ per attendee. This registration period is open until Wednesday 12th May at 11:30pm CEST. Platform for registration: 
  • On Thursday 13th May, fans will receive an official notification from the club, where they will be informed if they have been selected or not for the trip.
  • Should fans be selected to travel to Gdansk, they will receive, with a confirmation e-mail, a code that they will have to use to buy the ticket on UEFA’s platform. The communication will also include detailed steps to take to successfully complete the purchase of the ticket. The period is open until Monday 17th May.
  • Once the ticket is bought, fans should get in touch with the Villarreal CF Travel Agency before 20th May to complete the payment of the trip and confirm their place in Gdansk.
  • Successfully pass a PCR test in the 48 hours before matchday, and present the negative PCR test on the day of the trip to Gdansk.