Academy youngsters have a great time with the team with intellectual disabilities in the cinema
Academy youngsters have a great time with the team with intellectual disabilities in the cinema

The Sucres cinema hosted a fun Endavant Igualtat experience for three Villarreal teams

A day at the cinema. This was the fun encounter that several Villarreal CF teams had at the Cines Sucre in Vila-real thanks to the Endavant project. Infantil A, Infantil Roda and the EDI team went to the cinemas to share another time together as part of the Endavant Igualtat branch of the Yellows’ Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

“We’ve come to watch a film and have a snack which is going to be really cool. They’re having fun and so are we,” explained the U14s player from Malaga, Jairo Trujillo, as he ordered some popcorn to watch the film along with his fellow players. These matches, as the EDI player Eduardo Hernández underlined, “are a lot of fun and, above all, we get to meet new people and make friends”. Edu, who said he was “very happy” to be able to participate in this day, claimed that they are “all friends.” and that “although we are in totally different teams, there is respect and camaraderie.”

“In the beginning, we got to know each other and played a couple of games. We already have confidence and we are excited to be with them again, “recalled Jairo, who, with great maturity, said that “we also have to know the reality and what they feel when they are with us”.

Thanks to Endavant Igualtat, a friendship has already been created between people of different ages and teams, who share a place to work and have fun at the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground. “At the training ground, we always greet each other when we see each other because of the trust we have built up,” said the young Andalusian player.

Endavant, a necessary project

As part of Endavant Igualtat, players from the different Yellows Academy teams spend a season with foundations and associations in the province. In this case, the Infantiles do not do so with an external entity, but with the Submarine’s EDI team, with whom they continue to learn while having fun.

“We can learn many things from the Endavant project. How they are, how we are and have fun together,” explained Gael. “I sincerely think that the Endavant project is very positive because of the friendships we make and because we have fun, which is the most important thing of all,” added Edu.

The teams and associations working together are:

  • Síndrome de Down Castellón – Villarreal B
  • AFA Castellón – Villarreal Femenino
  • La Vall Rehabilitation and Social Integration centre– Villarreal C
  • ASPROPACE – U19s (Juvenil A)
  • CAU – U17s (Juvenil B)
  • Ángel Tomás Charity Foundation– Villarreal Women B and U18s (Juvenil Roda)
  • Virgen de Gracia elderly care home – U16s (Cadete A)
  • Plana Baixa foster home – U15s (Cadete Roda)
  • María de Luna Child Development and Early Attention Centre – U12s (Alevín A) and U11s (Alevín Roda)