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A very special connection
A very special connection

The U19s and Castellón Down Syndrome Foundation Centre users enjoyed spending time together

They’re a team. The players and coaching staff from The U19s (Juvenil A) and users of the Castellón Down Syndrome Foundation Centre have become a family thanks to Endavant Igualtat. It’s so pleasing to see them share unique moments. Smiles, jokes and above everything, friendship.

Proof of that was the final activity between the group, which took place at the Carmen Albert Botanical Park in Castellón. During the day, players, coaching staff and members of the centre shared unique moments, putting on a spectacular show and dancing outdoors. It all ended with a family meal. “I like the Endavant Igualtat initiative a lot. I have a great time with Villarreal players because we speak to each other and they see what we do. Sometimes we get together, they come to see us, and we try and gee them up so they can have fun playing football,” said Héctor Castillo, who uses the centre.

Academy player Iván Morante underlined his satisfaction with the visits: “We share moments together and truth be told, we have a great time. A lot of them play football and we have a special relationship.”

Paco Navarro also uses the Castellón Down Syndrome Foundation Centre. “When the U19s come, I am really happy because I have a great time with them,” he commented.

The Castellón Down Syndrome Foundation Centre’s aims are to promote and carry out activities that help improve the quality of life for people with Down Syndrome and other mental disabilities, favouring integration in all areas of these people’s lives, such as family, work and social integration. The U19s players, as well as going to the centre regularly, have had training sessions with them at the Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva).