What happened to Josico?
What happened to Josico?

Marcos Senna has interviewed his former team-mate in a fun video call, where they chatted about their history as Yellows

Two legendary Villarreal CF players. Former Yellow Submarine captain, and current member of the club’s Institutional Relations Department, Marcos Senna, has interviewed his former team-mate in the middle of the pitch, José Joaquín Moreno Verdú ‘Josico’, in a fun conversation, which took place via video call. This is the first of a series where Senna will interview players who have been part of Yellows’ history.

The midfielder played for Villarreal from 2002/03 until 2007/08 (six seasons), representing the club on 211 occasions and scoring seven goals for the Yellows.

The interview became a friendly chat between two old friends. Enjoy the conversation, in Spanish, by clicking play no the main photo, and enjoy unmissable anecdotes and memories.