Welcome Óliver and Joan!
Welcome Óliver and Joan!

Fernando Roig has both winter transfer market acquisitions

New additions for the Submarine, Óliver Torres and Joan Román, were presented today by the president of Villarreal CF, Fernando Roig, in a press conference that also served to give a warm welcome to both players. According to the president, the arrival benefits both the team and the players, two of the great pearls of Spanish football. “For us it is extremely gratifying to have them here and I think their arrival will be productive for both parties. Two players of a great future, that can provide everything they know, and help the team, while also continuing to grow. “

During his speech, Óliver Torres stressed that Villarreal is a perfect club for a player of his characteristics,  he arrives full of illusion. “When I was told to come to Villarreal  I did not hesitate a second. I came with great enthusiasm, with the idea of ​​doing things right and growing here. This is a team that has a game idea and a philosophy that fits very well with me, so it was clear. I know this is a team where I’ll be fine, where I will be treated well and where I will play for pretty things. I have chosen to Villarreal to be ideal for me. “

Third Paragraph: For the Joan Roman arrival also represents a real competitive challenge. “I want to thank the chairman and the coach opted for having me and giving me this opportunity. For me it is a big step to be in the First Division and do it in a team like Villarreal. This is a team that has a style and a way of playing, I think I’m doing well so I’m happy for the experience. This is an experience that will serve us to learn and improve, but it is also an opportunity to help the team achieve such an important goal as European competitions. “

Fourth paragraph:  Both players are aware of the commitment of young players and coach for the marking submarine style. The cacereño midfielder, who will inherit the number ’19 ‘ of the eternal Marcos Senna, was very clear in this regard: “I chose to come to Villarreal and this experience because I knew Marcelino was confident with youth and training players. Added to this is that this is a team that has a very clear and defined style, which never gives up, and I think that is a very attractive style of play. Villarreal is a team that I feel very identified, I like the idea of ​​playing their way of doing things and his philosophy of play. It is also a very friendly club and is something that I value. “

Fifth Paragraph: The Catalan will wear number 12 and he explained that the most important thing is to play and to contribute to the team, being in the position it is. “We know that Marcelino is a technician who is very supportive of youth is something we know Villarreal always bet it. I personally am comfortable in all positions of the front of attack, whether one or another, I hope I am able to play any of them and to help the team as much as possible. “