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“We will try and make things difficult for them”
“We will try and make things difficult for them”

Sara Monforte stressed the importance being united to stand up to their opponents (Saturday, 4pm CEST).

Villarreal Women head coach, Sara Monforte, appeared before the media at the press conference ahead of the match against Real Sociedad, corresponding to Liga F Matchday 2. The match will take place on Saturday 17th September at 4pm CEST, at Zubieta.

The opposition

“We all know how difficult our opponents are. It’s worth remembering that Real Sociedad were runners-up in the league last season and had perhaps the best season in their history. I think that, along with Barça, they are the team with the best positional play. The players have perfectly assumed their role and try to take the ball to areas where their players know how to generate a good return. They’re also a team that put you under a lot of pressure and it’s difficult to create danger for them, because they have a lot of pressure after losing the ball. We’re going to try to make it difficult for them and catch them by surprise.”

Keys to the match

“We need to stay very close together. Real Sociedad are a team that play well between the lines. It’s true that this year, perhaps, they’ve lost a bit on the wings due to the departure of a couple of players. But in the end it’s a team that keeps a very united unit.”

New signings

“The six new additions we’ve had this season have surprised me in a positive way. The truth is that we are very happy with them. It’s true that there are a large number of players from last season, who already know our way of working and that makes it easier for the new players to integrate. The truth is that they are giving a great performance and, as a group, they are giving us very positive things.”