“We’re going to give our all to fight back”
“We’re going to give our all to fight back”

Pau Torres underlined that Villarreal are preparing for a great performance against Liverpool and will try and turn the tie around

Villarreal defender Pau Torres appeared in front of the media this afternoon, alongside head coach Unai Emery, to analyse the build-up to the historic match against Liverpool FC (Tuesday, 9pm CEST), corresponding to the second leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals.

The footballer from Vila-real underlined that the Yellows know what is up for grabs and will try and get a comeback: “We’re aware of what is in play. We’re preparing the second leg well. At home, we’ve put in some great performances. We know the work we need to do, we have a game plan and we are counting on the support of our fans.”

Despite the first leg ending 2-0, Pau emphasised that a goal at home would put the Submarine right in the tie: “We want it to be a long game, and to build from there. Getting ahead on the scoreboard would put us right in the tie. We need to be calm and follow our game plan.”

The Yellows footballer hopes to use the match against FC Bayern as an example of the game to follow against Liverpool FC: “They were favourites, one of the contenders for the title, and we were able to push them back and win at home. That’s what we want to do against Liverpool.”

Pau explained that Villarreal need to stay loyal to their identify and show the level of other important games this season at the Estadio de la Cerámica: “We need to be ourselves and put our playing style into practice. I think we will see a recognizable Villarreal, with whom our fans will feel identified, who know what they need to do and will have the support of their fans.”

The Yellows No.4 believes the tie is open, despite the result at Anfield (2-0): “They were better there and they won, but there are 90 minutes left. Now, we’re playing at our stadium and nothing has been decided yet.”

Finally, Pau addressed the fans, asking them to enjoy the game and help the team to get a historic comeback: “It’s the best match that fans and a stadium can enjoy. Semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League. It’s the second time we’ve experienced it. We’re ready, we’re going to give our all and we know that the fans will be with us. It will be a great match.”