Villarreal Women squad numbers confirmed
Villarreal Women squad numbers confirmed

Sara Monforte’s side are going into another season in the Reto Iberdrola

The squad numbers for the women’s first team ahead of the upcoming 2020/21 season have been unveiled. Sara Monforte’s side will try and improve on their fourth place finish in the Southern Group of the Reto Iberdrola that they achieved last season.

There have been nine summer signings: María Cienfuegos (midfielder), Olivia Oprea (defender), Elena de Toro (goalkeeper) Kareylen Capdevilla (winger), Rubí Soto (forward), Paula Arce (defender), Sara Martínez (midfielder), Jenifer Gimenez (defender) and Mariela Coronel (midfielder).

Ten players from last season have continued: Salma Paralluelo, Lara Mata, Sheila Guijarro, Sara Medina, María Sanjuán, Laura Royo, Cristina Díaz, Bea Prades, Yolanda Palomino and Irene Miguélez. The rest of the players with a squad number are registered with the B or C teams.

The Villarreal Women squad numbers for the 2020/21 season are as follows:

  • 1. Elena de Toro
  • 2. P. Arce
  • 4. Palo
  • 5. Gimenez
  • 6. Cristina Díaz
  • 7. Laura Royo
  • 8. S. Medina
  • 9. Sheila
  • 10. Sara
  • 11. Salma
  • 12. M. Coronel
  • 13. M. Sanjuán
  • 15. R. Soto
  • 16. Bea Prades
  • 18. Capdevilla
  • 20. Cienfu
  • 21. Olivia
  • 22. Lara Mata
  • 24. Albeta
  • 26. Querol
  • 27. Vera Rico
  • 28. I. Miguélez
  • 29. Lucía Vilar
  • 30. P. Antolí 


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