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Villarreal CF gives a prize to Lidón Muñoz
Villarreal CF gives a prize to Lidón Muñoz


The swimmer from Castellón was recognised by the club at the Endavant Esports Gala

Lidón Muñoz, the swimmer from Castellón, was been awarded a prize by Villarreal CF in the Endavant Esports Gala, which took place this evening in the Paranimf at the Jaume I University (UJI) in Castellón. Muñoz received the Endavant Prize for Individual Sporting Merit 2018 after having had a year full of success, beating the national 50m freestyle record, with a time of 25.06 seconds. She started to compete when she was just nine years old, and now, at 22, she is one of the stars of swimming in Spain.

Endavant Lidón Muñoz!