Villarreal CF and CEU, working together on health
Villarreal CF and CEU, working together on health

Manu Trigueros and Sergio Asenjo visit the second ‘Píxel’ Health Day carried out by CEU

Villarreal CF first-team players Sergio Asenjo and Manu Trigueros this lunchtime visited the Second ‘Píxel’ Health Day carried out by the Cardenal Herrera University (CEU) in Castellón, which the Yellow Submarine works with through the Endavant Formació project, part of the club’s social corporate responsibility programme.

Both footballers had the opportunity to visit the different informative stands about illnesses throughout the centre, as well as being photographed with those taking part and organising this new health fair.

Furthermore, the goalkeeper and the midfielder were present at the ceremony which saw the handing over of a check from CEU to a number of charities that work with people with a number of illnesses and with those who the centre maintains a support relationship. Money raised by the CEU comes from the sale, at a reduced price, of 100 tickets lent to the university by Villarreal CF, for each home game at the Estadio de la Cerámica. The health fair also saw the presence of Ariadna Edo, the swimmer who is part of Endavant Esports, the programme for provincial sports that Villarreal CF runs.

This day was part of Píxel Project, a pioneering initiative in the Castellón province. The first edition received an international ‘Go Health Award’. The project hopes to help future health works who are studying at the CEU learn to carry out adecuate health care, which puts the patient in the middle of the care, and not their illness. Doctors and nurses, who work together for the patients’ health, hope to be recognised for their human quality and not only for curing illness or getting rid of symptoms, but for attending and listening to the person they’re treating.

The Píxel Project has been successful so far. CEU students are carrying out work experience and are implementing health programmes to attend the needs and investigating about illnesses and the problems that come up.