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Villarreal B finish second despite defeat (2-1)
Villarreal B finish second despite defeat (2-1)

Villarreal B lost to Atlético Sanluqueño on the last day of the season

Villarreal B lost to Atlético Sanluqueño on the last day of the season in Group II of the Primera RFEF (2-1). Despite this result, the yellow B team finished the season in second place due to Albacete’s defeat against UE Llagostera-Costa Brava (1-3). Thus, Miguel Álvarez’s team will play the semi-final of the play-off for promotion against UD Logroñés (5th in Group I) in Galicia on Sunday 5 June, 6pm CEST.

The yellow B team depended on themselves to finish second. They did it despite the defeat. It was not an easy match. Miguel Álvarez warned in the press conference before the game.

The Cádiz side took the lead in the ninth minute. Armental picked up a loose ball in the box to make it 1-0.

A clearance from the yellow defence fell at the feet of Theo García, who fired in a tremendous shot that Gianni could do nothing about.

Villarreal B managed to pull one back in the 69th minute when Dela crossed from the right flank and Jackson headed into the net to pull one back. The ball went into the top corner. It was game on. Despite the yellows’ final attempts, the scoreboard would not budge.

Now, Miguel Álvarez’s team will face the promotion play-off to be played in Galicia over the next two weekends. Their opponents will be UD Logroñés, who finished fifth in Group I (Sunday 5 June, 6pm CEST).


Atlético Sanluqueño: Falcón; Javi Barrio, Lolo González, Pelón, Ramón Riego; Theo García, Julen Azkue; Armental, Toni García (Alfonso, m. 93), Javi Navarro (Miguelete, m. 59); and Pedro Martín (Edu Oriol, m. 59).

Villarreal B: Gianni; Lanchi (Iosifov, m. 59), Dela, Martín (Rodri Alonso, m. 88), Migue Leal; Collado (Iker Goujón, m. 59), Del Moral, Carlo, Lozano (A. Gelardo, m. 79); Arana (Jonny Arriba, m. 79) and Jackson.

Goals: 1-0. Min. 9: Armental. 2-0. Min. 22: Theo García. 2-1. Min. 69: Jackson.

Referee: Díaz Escudero. Booked: Home; Julen Azkue, Theo García, Toni García and Edu Oriol. Away; Martín and Jackson.

Match information: El Palmar