Villarreal B celebrate promotion with the fans
Villarreal B celebrate promotion with the fans

The entire squad performed the traditional institutional act to close a historic season

Villarreal B celebrated yesterday the deserved promotion to LaLiga SmartBank. The entire squad travelled by bus to the Basilica of Sant Pasqual, where they held the traditional ceremony to pay tribute to the patron saint of Vila-real.

After completing the visit to the Basilica of Sant Pasqual, the Mini Submarine moved to the Vila-real Town Hall, where the mayor, José Benlloch, welcomed the squad to congratulate them on their historic promotion to the silver league. Once at the town hall, Ramón Bueno, captain of the ‘groguet’ team, Miguel Álvarez, Villarreal B team coach, and José Benlloch gave a speech to close the season.

To round off the festivities, the Villarreal B squad took to the balcony of the town hall to celebrate the historic promotion with the thousand ‘groguets’ fans who travelled to the town hall square to celebrate with the promotion heroes.

The celebration was attended by president Fernando Roig and CEO Fernando Roig Negueroles, as well as various members of the Villarreal CF youth.