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Unjust defeat to end the LaLiga SmartBank season (4-3)
Unjust defeat to end the LaLiga SmartBank season (4-3)

The Mini Submarine lost in Andorra despite scoring three goals in the last game of the campaign

Villarreal B lost on their visit to FC Andorra (4-3) to end a brilliant season in the LaLiga SmartBank. The Mini Submarine deserved more in a match that saw three debuts in the second division and in which Tiago, Carlo and Tasende scored.

The first chance of the game came just seconds in. Mbacke, with a header, almost surprised Nico Ratti, and Millán, taking advantage of the rebound, crashed his shot against the crossbar. Soon after, Tiago Geralnik opened the scoring, beating the home goalkeeper with a delight after a good assist from Millán.

However, Bover equalised midway through the first half with a perfectly executed free kick that Gianni could not find. The match was level on the scoreboard, in terms of both the game and chances, when Carlo pulled out his wand and scored his second of the afternoon in a phenomenal individual move in which he dribbled past even the goalkeeper to score his own goal.

At the start of the second half, Andorra quickly turned the scoreline around with a Mika Mármol strike into the top corner from the edge of the area and a Carlos Martínez goal in a one-on-one with Gianni.

But Dani Tasende was not about to let the league championship end in defeat and his missile from a free kick flew into Ratti’s goal in the nick of time to level the scores. However, three minutes later Jacobo scored to give the tricolour team the win.

The positives on the final day were the debuts of young midfielders Dani Clavijo and Requena and Iker Goujon too after overcoming a serious injury.


FC Andorra: Ratti; A. Alti (min. 78, Alex P.E.), Adri, Mika Mármol, Pampín; Bover (min. 72, Hector), M. Aguado (min. 78, Jandro), Molina (min. 62, Jacobo); Germán V. (min. 72, Bundu), Almpanis, Carlos M..

Villarreal B: Gianni; S. Carreira, Hugo, Mbacke (min. 46, Abraham), C. Romero (min. 46, Tasende); Pacheco, Carlo, Clavijo, Tiago; Forés (min. 58, Fer Niño), A. Millán (min. 75, Iker Goujon).

Goals: 0-1. Min. 7: Tiago. 1-1. Min. 24: Bover. 1-2. Min. 42: Carlo. 2-2. Min. 51. Mika Mármol. 3-2. Min. 57: Carlos M.. 3-3. Min. 82: Tasende. 4-3. Min. 86: Jacobo.

Referee: Quintero González (Comité Andaluz). Booked: Mika Mármol, Alex P.E (FC Andorra); Mbacke, Hugo, C. Romero, Tasende (Villarreal B).

Matchday information: Match between FC Andorra and Villarreal B, corresponding to Gameweek 42 of the 2022/23 LaLiga SmartBank season, at the Estadi Nacional.