Triumph for the Yellows Reserves and Academy
Triumph for the Yellows Reserves and Academy

Mario and Jaume Costa, who have played 10 and 7 seasons at the club, are excited about the future

The club’s firm commitment to the Yellows Reserves and Academy has paid off. Mario and Jaume Costa, who have played 10 and 7 seasons for Villarreal, respectively, were proud and very statisfied at the event held to make their contract renewals until 2023 and 2021 official. Both footballers have signed for three more seasons, as their contracts were originally up in 2020 and 2018.

The press conference was held at the Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva) and was led by Villarreal CF CEO, Fernando Roig Negueroles. The club CEO said that these contract extensions are great news for the club: “We’re really hapy to have our full backs for a longer period of time. It was an easy decision because both sides were very willing. They’re two players that are very involved in this club. Mario has been here for ten years and Jamue Costa for seven. We hope they stay until the end of their careers”.

For Roig Negueroles, to secure the base of the team was the priority after the contract renewals of Asenjo and Trigueros: “When you have really good players the most intelligent thing to do is keep them. Also, if the players are also happy everything comes together. To keep these types of players gives you a stability and strong core that helps the competitiveness of the team”.

Looking ahead, Roig Negueroles was very hopeful: “We’ve been knocked out of the cup and now we’ll face the league more rested. LaLiga is the most important competition because it gives you the chance to play in Europe and then we’ve also got the tie against Roma coming up. Last season we drew Napoli in the knockout stages and were capable of beating them. We hope to keep progressing through the rounds in Europe and if possible get to the final”.

Mario: “This club has given me everything”

Villarreal CF right back, Mario Gaspar, only had words of praise for the club after signing his contract renewal: “I’m really happy. I’m proud to belong to this club which has given me everything. I’ve grown as a footballer and as a person here. I hope to be able to live up to what the shirt represents”.

Mario, who is 26 years old now, hopes to continue to play for many more seasons, and if possible until the end of his football career: “I’m really happy here. They’ve always treated me well and to play my whole career here would be a great way to see it out. There are still many years to go, but I hope it will be like that”.

The Villarreal number 2 has one wish that he hopes to achieve in the near future: “I hope that we can win a title one of these seasons. Last year we came so close to getting to a final. We have to keep working so that one year it swings in our favour”.

Jaume Costa: “I’m very proud and very grateful to this club”

For his part, Jaume Costa, who is 28 years old now, was also excited about the renewal: “I’m very proud and very grateful to the club. They gave me an opportunity in a very difficult time for me. I will try to repay this with hard work and passion every day. I have signed until 2021, but I don’t set goals, I want to finish here”.

In conclusion, the Yellows number 11 was disappointed to get knocked out of the cup, but is optimistic about the future: “The cup was an exciting competition. We drew a tough opponent. We did our best, but the team has to look forward now because we’re doing very well both in the league and in Europe. We will give our all to get to a final, which would be great for everyone”.