The ‘Trofeu Jo Sóc’ starts with a Levante win
The ‘Trofeu Jo Sóc’ starts with a Levante win

Villarreal representatives Marc, Nacho and Bueno lost the first leg against Levante’s De la Vega, Santi and Monrabal II 

Excitement until the very end. Yesterday, the first leg of the Valencian pilota Trofeu Jo Sóc final, at the Salvador Sagols trinquet in Vila-real, took place. The win went to the players representating Levante UD (De la Vega, Santi and Monrabal II), who beat Villarreal’s Marco, Nacho and Bueno 45-60. It was an exciting match, putting on a show for those in attendance.

But despite the first leg win, the match isn’t over, with the return leg on Saturday 14th December at the Pelayo trinquet in Valencia. If the Villarreal players win, there will be another game, making it best of three. 

Villarreal are pioneers in linking football and high-level Valencian pilota, and are now linked with Levante UD hoping to support and make Valencian pilota bigger.