The meteoric rise of a solid U8s squad
The meteoric rise of a solid U8s squad


The team stands out for its excellent defensive work in its first year of competitive football

Fun and learning are two of the fundamental pillars of childhood. In the Yellows Academy, both factors play a vital role. The U8s D (Prebenjamín D), managed by by Borja González and Vicente Tarancón, try to maintain a balance between both variables. “We try to learn. They are still small, but this season we are placing special emphasis on the tactical awareness of the boys on the pitch, so they understand their position on the pitch. On a technical level, we are polishing basic aspects so they can progress. Anyway, everything is based on having fun. The most important thing is that they come to enjoy the sport, to socialise with children of their age and from there, thay they can grow in football,” explains González.

The young Yellows side may be an inexperienced team, but they are full of passion for their favourite sport. “The team is made up of players in their first year in football. Many of them are taking their first steps in football. Most of the team know each other because they go to the same school. Anyway, in the first few months, we’ve worked hard on the interaction between each other, making the side solid, strong and compact at the back.”

 Despite their inexperience, in the first few competitive months, the team has exceeded expectations. “The truth is that the boys have pleasantly surprised us. We didn’t expect such rapid growth. They are players who show a very high level and bring a lot to the team. From pre-season until now, we’ve seen an important growth, both individually and collectively,” underlines the Yellows coach.

From the first day, both Yellows coaches have promoted an attacking style, which the team is dangerous and protects itself by having the ball: “We’ve chosen to be a daring team, one that exerts pressure after losing the ball and learns to get it back as close as possible to the opposition’s area. The circulation of the ball is another fundamental aspect.” This attacking bet is paying off. They are the team in the league who have conceded the fewest goals (18), having scored more than double (39) than those they have let in.

The squad is made up of the following players: Álex Cabanes, Enric Flor, Sergio Herreros, Alejandro Llop, David Monteagudo, Borja Morte, Andrés Muntean, Víctor Rodríguez, Sergio Sánchez, Iván Soto, Gerard Tirado and Ferran Trenco.