The importance of starting 2019 well
The importance of starting 2019 well


Álvaro González underlines that Villarreal are only thinking of ‘changing the dynamics’

Villarreal defender Álvaro González has underlined that a good start to the year would really help change the dynamics for Luis García’s side. “We need to keep on working hard and know where we are, but with our head always high to get out of this situation. We are only thinking about changing the dynamics. If we start 2019 with wins, things will be very different because there isn’t too much distance between the teams in the table.”

For the centre-back, further more, the team is getting more used to the change on the bench after the arrival of the new manager: “The more sessions we get under our belts, the better. What we need to do is process as quick as possible what the manager wants from each of us and now we’re changing the system. It’s a different sort of idea, with a more compact team, and the lines closer together, like we saw in Huesca.”

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