The ‘Ceramic Boot’ for a historic goalscorer
The ‘Ceramic Boot’ for a historic goalscorer

Gerard Moreno has become the first Villarreal player to lift the Zarra Trophy as the top Spanish goalscorer in LaLiga

A season to remember. Gerard Moreno has ended the 2019/20 season after having scored 18 goals in LaLiga, making him the winner of the Zarra Trophy as the top Spanish goalscorer in the league. It’s the first team a Villarreal player has achieved this. To his 18 LaLiga goals, the two that Gerard scored against Orihuela in the Copa del Rey should be added to his total for the season. In total, he scored 20 goals, making him the best Spanish goalscorer for the club in a single season.

Previously, the Spanish Villarreal player to have scored the most goals in a single season was Joseba Llorente, who scored 15 goas in LaLiga and four in the Champions League (19) during the 2008/09 season. The first great Spanish goalscorer for Villarreal in the top flight was Víctor Fernández. ‘Chingu’ scored 15 goals in the 2000/01 campaign (14 in LaLiga and on in the Copa del Rey).

Gerard will surely continue to make history with Villarreal CF. Throughout the four seasons he has played with the first team, the Catalan striker has scored a total of 51 goals. The No.7 is the fourth top goalscorer for the club in the elite of Spanish football, only behind Giuseppe Rossi (82), Diego Forlán (59) and Santi Cazorla (57).

Only Forlán and Rossi scored more in a season

The 18 goals Gerard Moreno scored in LaLiga is the fourth best return in the club’s history, beaten only by Giuseppe Rossi (19) and by Diego Forlán, who also scored 19 in the 2006/07 campaign and has the record of 25 goals from the 2004/05 season.