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Sara Monforte: “It will be a big test defensively”
Sara Monforte: “It will be a big test defensively”

Villarreal Women face the Liga F leaders this Saturday (6:30pm CEST)

Villarreal Women head coach, Sara Monforte, appeared in front of the media ahead of the match against FC Barcelona (Saturday, 6:30pm CEST) at the Johan Cruyff Stadium.

Here is what she had to say about the game:

A top rival

“They must be calm. Nobody expects us to win, so there’s no pressure on us. We’re looking for a little motivation to get us excited. It will be a very important defensive test for us. They’re all really looking forward to playing and that’s what they’ve told me. In that 0.1 per cent chance we have, we have to be ready.”

The key to success

“Never give up. That’s the key to the game. We can’t lose our heads, because they’re capable of scoring three goals in five minutes. It’s a big challenge. We have to know how to cover the spaces and play with them.”

Best team in history

“They are the best team in the history of the sport. They have great ambition. I admire that they never get tired of winning. It’s key to why they are so excellent. They have made a huge investment, not just financially, but in every aspect. It’s a mass team that attracts a lot of people. It’s difficult for the rest of us to reach that level, but we can learn things from them and try to apply them.”


“We’re looking at this week’s game, but we can’t ignore the games in Seville and Granada, which are two finals for us, and will be very different games to the one we have this week. We’re playing for very important points on those two days, but now we need to do well against Barcelona.”