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Roig: “Helping provincial sport is an honour”
Roig: “Helping provincial sport is an honour”

The president hailed the hard work of the 9,000 athletes who form part of Endavant Esports

Villarreal CF president Fernando Roig took centre stage during the 2019 Endavant Esports Gala, which took place this Wednesday at the Paranimf at the Jaume I University (Universidad Jaume I) in Castellón. He thanks those in attendance and welcomed the clubs and athletes who make up Endavant Esports, especially the new additions this season.

Roig confirmed the club’s commitment to provincial sport: “I feel very proud of our Endavant Esports project. This season is our 15th supporting sport in Castellón. It’s a pioneering initiative in the world of football.”

Furthermore, the president hailed the clubs and athletes who make up the programme: “The backing we give you is very important, but all of you with your hard work and dedication get all you can out of this economic help. I hope you work hard and continue getting a lot of success thanks to your strength. That’s what our initiative is aiming for.”