Quintillà: “We’re doing a lot of things well”
Quintillà: “We’re doing a lot of things well”

Villarreal B’s Catalan full-back sends a message of optimism ahead of the future

Villarreal B’s Catalan left-back Xavi Quintillà underlined this lunch time that the most important thing is being united to put together a run of victories that would allow the Yellows reserves to sit comfortably in the play-off promotion zone: “We’re on a run of a lot of draws, but we know we’re doing a lot of things well. The team is getting better and we knew that the second leg of fixtures would be more complicated. We are making ourselves stronger to end the season well. There aren’t many teams winning consecutive matches. We need to focus on us.”

For Quintillà, Villarreal B’s season is being of merit: “We need to value the season the team is having. We need to make ourselves strong at home to get good results. We’re in the decisive moment of the season. We’re working hard and the most important thing is that we’re really united. At the end, we’ll get good results.”

Analysing the next opponent for the Yellows reserves, Quintillà warned about Olot’s dangers ahead of the match on Sunday (5pm CEST): “Olot are a good side that haven’t been having great results recently. I’m sure it will be a very tough match and we’ll have to work hard to get a victory.”

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