Psychomotor Skills, the motor of the Yellows Academy
Psychomotor Skills, the motor of the Yellows Academy

Three groups and 99 children make up the youngest section of Villarreal CF

For several seasons, there are many clubs that are betting on going one step further and starting to train players from a young age. Villarreal CF has been developing a special programme for children between three and six years old for more than 10 years, as an introduction to the Yellows Academy. The Psychomotor Skills programme is one of the most successful programmes organised and it achieves an extremely positive outcome each season.

The percentage of children who continue with football once they have finished the Psychomotor Skills programme is very high. For every 40 children, between 25 and 27 continue to play football at Villarreal CF or CD Roda. That is to say, the number of dropouts is very low, and the fact that that participating in the Psychomotor Skills programme prepares them to take part in any other sport. Several of the children that have gone through the Psychomotor Skills programme are currently in the club’s elite academy teams, such as the U12s (Alevín A), who play in the Promises League and other international tournaments.

This season, 99 children are part of the Psychomotor Skills programme, which is divided into three different groups. These are formed according to the birth year of the little ones, but only the group made up of boys and girls aged 5 years old, the oldest ones, play matches. The programme can take place once or twice a week, depending on what the parent decides, they choose what’s appropriate for the healthy development of their child.

The matches help the young players adapt to the situation that they are going to experience in grassroots football. They get used to the presence of the referee, the feeling of being on the bench, making their own decisions, listening to the coach’s advice and much more. These matches take place once every two or three weekends, so they don’t occur on a regular basis, they are simply a learning experience that will serve them in the future.

In this way, they seek to enhance football qualities, but above all human and personal qualities. The objective is to facilitate the overall development of the person in all areas: motor, cognitive and socio-affective, the game being the main activity which aims to improve the physical fitness of the children. In addition, the programme aims for the young Yellows to enjoy doing the different activities and wanting to return. Playing sport while learning and sharing the Villarreal CF values, such as fair play, companionship and humility.