Pablo Fornals goes back to his school
Pablo Fornals goes back to his school

The midfielder went back to his childhood school as part of the ‘A Star In Your School’ initiative

Pablo Fornals today went back to the classrooms where he learned a lot and had so much fun during his childhood. The Yellows player relived special moments and looked back on the days when he went to CEIP Bernat Artola before going to Villarreal training sessions.

Students were able to act as journalists and ask questions to the Villarreal midfielder as if it were a press conference, with life as a professional footballer and the importance of studies were two of the main topics.

The ‘A Star In Your School’ initiative, within the Endavant Club Groguet programme and belonging to the club’s corporative social responsibility programme, has been running for a number of seasons. This campaign has seen Daniele Bonera and Miguelón visit CEIP Pintor Camarón in Segorbe; Sergio Asenjo go to Escuelas Pías in Castellón; Andrés Fernández to La Consolación in Burriana; Karl Toko Ekambi head to La Panderola in Vila-real; Manu Morlanes and Miguelón visit CEIP José Soriano and Vicente Iborra go to CEIP Sant Joan de Moró.