No limit for Villarreal Women
No limit for Villarreal Women

Sara Monforte’s side have won the Reto Iberdrola Southern Group B with three games still to play

Villarreal Women are now champions of the Reto Iberdrola Southern Group B after an impressive 1-5 win over UD Aldaia CF this Wednesday. Sara Monforte’s side have won 12 of the 13 games they have played. The Yellows have not lost since 22nd November, when they faced Real Unión Tenerife Tacuense.

In the four groups of the Reto Iberdrola, there are no teams who have scored more than the Yellows. Villarreal have scored 34 goals, and are also the team to have conceded the fewest, letting in just eight goals in 13 matches.

Salma Paralluelo has been one of the revelations of the season. With 11 goals, the striker is the top scorer in Southern Group B. If you add her 11 goals to Sheila Guijarro’s seven, the pair have scored more goals than six of the nine teams in the league.

Onto the second stage with aspirations in tact

As Southern Group B champions, Villarreal have qualified for the second promotion phase, where they will be drawn alongside the four best teams from each subgroup, creating a new subgroup of eight teams, who will fight to be champions.

In this subgroup, the Yellows will face the top four teams from Southern Group A they haven’t yet faced. Only the top team will be promoted to the Liga Iberdrola. To determine promotion, the first stage will be taken into account by coefficients.