Models for a day for a good cause
Models for a day for a good cause

The Yellows U14s took place in a parade to find a home for abandoned dogs

Now more than ever. The Yellows Academy sides have been helping their respective charities and associations within the Endavant Ingualtat programme in the run-up to Christmas. There are different aims for each team, such as raising funds for the charities or even finding a home for dozens of abandoned dogs.

That is what the Yellow U14s have been doing, yesterday taking place in the 13th abandoned dog parade organised by AUPA (Adopta Un Perro Abandonado – Adopt An Abandoned Dog) at Bioparc in Valencia. The academy youngsters acted as models for the day, accompanied by canines looking for an adoptive family. A total of 50 abandoned dogs took part under the slogan ‘Come and meet your best friend’.

This charity event started more than six years ago, formed by two organisations focused on animal wellbeing, and led to satisfaction from all taking part, as well as being a meeting place for people who had adopted in previous years, where they could share their experience for those who were yet to get involved.

In this days leading up to the Christmas period, it was particularly important to underlined the responsibility that comes from giving a pet as a gift, and to reflect on the need to look after their health and wellbeing, not only when all is shiny and new, but throughout the animal’s life. Without a doubt, it’s a fantastic ‘present’ that will change people’s lives for good.

The academy players enjoyed an unforgettable, special day. Despite that, there is a lot left to do. For more information, you can visit the website or ring +34 638 376 586.