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Medical tests
Medical tests

The Villarreal first team undergo distinct medical checks, ahead of the start of pre-season

The Villarreal CF first-team squad started to undergo distinct medical checkups this Saturday, ahead of the start of the season. The players will also undergo tests on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th July, before the first training session, which is on Wednesday 6th July.

The players have undergone several tests of cardiology, stress, densitometry, functional assessment and podiatry. The medical checks, carried out by club doctors Simon Bueno and Santiago Pina, took place under the supervision of medical services director Héctor Uso and ASISA, the official healthcare provider of the club.

The cardiology tests were carried out by cardiologists Ana Cuevas and Juanjo Jiménez, while the strength tests were carried out by physiologist Ximo Montoliu, from the Provincial Hospital of Castellón, a leader in this field.