Looking for a win to inspire hope
Looking for a win to inspire hope

Javi Calleja underlines that defending well will be key to counter Real Betis’ attacking prowess

Villarreal manager Javi Calleja appeared in front of the media to analyse the build up to the game against Real Betis (Friday, 9pm CEST). The head coach emphasised the importance of picking up the second win of the season at home to start dreaming about exciting aims: “There is a lot of the league left to play. We’re in a comfortable position that lets us have big dreams. The next few games are important in terms of what our aim for the season will be. If we get good results, we’ll be fighting for big things.”

He also pointed out that the defence will be crucial to get the three points: “I think the team that defends better will get the three points. We’re two attacking teams that like the ball. Defending well will also mean attacking well and having the ball. If we’ve got possession, they won’t be comfortable.”

Finally, Calleja praised the virtudes of Rubi’s Real Betis: “They’re brave. They’re convincing and capable of subduing you. Their starts to the game are important. To beat them, we need to keep cool and play with lines that our together, defending and attacking as a team.”

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