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“I’m happier than ever”
“I’m happier than ever”

Alberto Moreno has underlined that he is feeling good and is looking forward to being back on the pitch again

Villarreal CF player, Alberto Moreno, has appeared before the media this Tuesday. The left-sided player, who was signed off by the medical team last week after overcoming his cruciate ligament injury in his right knee and was included in the squad for the Submarine’s last two games, said he was happy to be back with the team and is looking forward to getting back on the pitch.

Return after injury

“I’m here again, telling the same story after having gone through a new process of cruciate ligament recovery. Right now I’m happier than ever and happy to be back training with my team-mates and at the disposal of the coach.”

Mental strength

“I’m going out just as strong as on previous occasions. You see me that I’m always happy on a daily basis because we footballers are privileged. There are worse things to worry about and injuries are complicated, but you get through it.”

Excitement to play again

“I’m looking forward to playing. In the last Conference League game, just being in the stadium with the rest of my team-mates was a great feeling and the moment I came on to warm up on the touchline I was even nervous. I want to play and show the manager that I’m another option.”

Assessing the start of the season

“Es cierto que no estamos consiguiendo los resultados deseados en LaLiga durante los últimos partidos, pero creo que no es el momento de preocuparse en exceso. Tenemos plantilla para estar arriba y ahora debemos trabajar para demostrarlo. La dinámica del equipo es buena porque estamos creando ocasiones, nos falta meter más goles y en defensa estamos concediendo poco. Lo importante es remar todos hacia la misma dirección porque los goles y, por consiguiente, los resultados, acabarán llegando”.

“It is true that we haven’t been getting the desired results in LaLiga in the last few games, but I don’t think this is the time to worry too much. We have the squad to be at the top and now we have to work to prove it. The team’s dynamic is good because we are creating chances, we need to score more goals and in defence we are conceding very little. The important thing is that we all pull in the same direction because the goals and, consequently, the results, will eventually come.”

Starting away from Estadio de la Cerámica

“Football is very complicated and away from home, even more so. In LaLiga, we’ve only played two games at home and the ones we’ve played away have been against top-level opposition. We have a great squad and we will fight to be at the top, but we have to keep working and improving to prove it.”

Emery, a key man

“I have a special relationship with Unai because he was the coach who put his faith in me as a boy when he brought me up from Sevilla Atlético to Sevilla. I know that he trusts me and I try to show him that on the pitch.”