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High intensity to beat Getafe
High intensity to beat Getafe

Marcelino highlights the team’s improvement and hopes to be an ambitious and energetic team (Friday, 9pm CET)

Villarreal’s head coach, Marcelino García Toral, spoke to the media on Thursday to analyse the match against Getafe CF, corresponding to Matchday 25, which will be played tomorrow, Friday, at 9pm CET, at the Estadio de la Cerámica.

The coach praised the team from Madrid for their virtues and their good performance this season: “We know that we’re going to come up against a good team, who are close to the European places and are eight points ahead of us, who have a defined style of football, who have good players on an individual level and who are competitive against any team. They are a well-balanced, intense team, who go forward in search of victory with a defence that is normally forward. When you achieve good results at this stage of the competition, it’s because you do things very well.”

Similarly, Marcelino points out the need to be strong at the Estadio de la Cerámica. “We have to reverse the results at our ground. At home we have to get three points to be a strong team,” he said. To achieve this, the Yellows coach advocates being self-demanding and matching the intensity of the opposition: “We have to set a high level of demand because if we don’t, we won’t win. Getafe are going to demand a lot from us. We have to match their level of intensity and everyone will use their footballing resources. We have to think that it’s going to be complicated and that we have to give our all from the first minute.”

He was also ambitious for the future: “I never look downwards. It’s not our mentality. We know we can improve and we must do so. We’ve had some good games in which we’ve deserved more points, but we haven’t got them. We have to focus on the present and play a very good game by being solid at the back and effective up front, playing at the same physical level as our opponents.”

Finally, Marcelino stated that the team must transmit enthusiasm to their supporters: “We have to send the fans a message of intensity, ambition, energy and willingness. That way we can ask them to help us achieve better results.”