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First phase of 2014 Wanda Project!
First phase of 2014 Wanda Project!

Candidates pass the first tests under the supervision of Villarreal coaches


The 2014 Wanda Project is underway! A group of coaches for Villarreal CF are already in China for the first screening of children that will be part of the third edition of the project, which focuses on training young Chinese players in the style of the Submarine. Coaches were also accompanied by Shue Shi Qing, general manager of the Department of Wanda Football Club Corporation.

Upon first impressions, submarine coaches have agreed on the good level of all candidates who have returned to surprise the yellow scouts. Rafa Juanes, one of the coaches of the Department of Grassroots stressed how well prepared children reach tests. “We did not expect the children arrived well prepared, you always are surprised by their technique and skills that are beginning to emerge. It is still early to judge, but first impressions are very positive. “

The Wanda Project

In December 2010, Villarreal signed a cooperation agreement with Dalian Wanda Group Corporation Ltd. group, in coordination with the Chinese central government and the Ministry of Sports, by which the submarine is actively involved in the transformation of Chinese football .

To understand the agreement, it should be noted that there is a state interest by China to promote football in the country and place it in its rightful place. In football, Spain is admired by China and synonymous with the quality country. Thus, and in order to grow the Chinese grassroots of football, the Wanda Group commissioned Great Gate-Zertior developing a project to improve young Chinese football talents, which will be sent every August to Spain to form and constitute a future axis of the China Team.

Since the 2012-13 season and for three seasons prior, Wanda has expanded to two other groups, Wanda shall promote to the Sports City of Villarreal ten young Chinese players promises to be formed in the Submarine Training program.