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Federico Rupp, in love with Villarreal from Argentina
Federico Rupp, in love with Villarreal from Argentina

The Argentinean fan associates each moment of his life with the Submarine and dreams of living near Vila-real

Federico Rupp, from Zarate (Argentina), has been a loyal Villarreal fan since he was 13, when he started to follow the Submarine: “From a young age, I started to feel something special for our colours. I used to do drawings of the badge or of the mascot.” He also mentions that his idols when we was younger were legends such as Giuseppe Rossi, Santi Cazorla, Marcos Senna, Mateo Musacchio, Diego López and Bruno Soriano.

The Argentine tells how he became a fan of Villarreal after the relegation at the end of the 2011/12 season: “I realised that I had fallen in love. We hit rock bottom to come back and reach glory.” He also underlines that he has never been a fan of any club from his home country. “Villarreal chose to be part of my life. They’re the only club I love. It’s unexplainable. I can’t describe it in words.”

At the start of his life following the club, this die-hard fan followed Villarreal’s games minute by minute through the club’s website. However, he says that since the start of the second half of the 2013/14 season, he hasn’t missed watching a match, whether it be a friendly or an official game. “When I’ve gone on holiday to Brazil or the USA, I’ve taken my computer, or I’ve looked for a bar to watch the games,” he said.

Despite associating every moment of his life with Villarreal, Federico does not have a favourite moment as a fan: “I could say the UEFA Europa League final, but that wouldn’t be fair. Every memory that I have of Villarreal, whether it be of a victory or a defeat, is the most beautiful. Whether it be good or bad. Watching Villarreal changes my day.”

Aged 21, he still has a year left of his university degree to be an actuary, but his dream is to move to Europe when he finishes: “I want to come and try my luck in Vila-real or nearby, to be close to the club of my life. And then I could go to watch my team every weekend.”

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