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Endavant Esports shines in a memorable ceremony
Endavant Esports shines in a memorable ceremony

The annual Gala, which took place this Wednesday at the Paranimf at the Jaume I University, brought together more than 500 guests

The 2019 Endavant Esports Gala, which took place this Wednesday at the Paranimf at the Jaume I University (Universidad Jaume I), brought together more than 500 guests in a ceremony, where Villarreal CF wanted to recognise the 34 clubs, 39 athletes and five competitions that form part of Endavant Esports.

The ceremony was presented by magician Yunke, also was attended by Villarreal CF board members, first-team coaches Javi Calleja and Quique Álvarez and first-team squad captains Bruno Soriano, Mario Gaspar, Vicente Iborra and Manu Trigueros.

The local council president José Pascual Martí was also among those in attendance, as was UJI chancellor Eva Alcón, government subdelegate Soledad Ten, Vila-real sports councillor Javier Serralvo, and LaLiga vice-president Carlos del Campo. Other important names in the world of sport who attended were Fernando Romay and Elisa Aguilar; amabassadors from the Spanish Basketball Federation; world champions and Valencia Basket player Quino Colom; and Roberto Bautista, the tennis player from Castellón.

During the gala, Villarreal CF welcomed the new clubs (Vila Swim Fondistas Club de Natación, Club Triatló Tritrail Castelló de la Plana, Club Tritons Vila-real, Vila-real Club Rugby Penyagolosa, Amics Handbol Onda, Club Tennis Taula Santísimo Salvador and Club Bàsquet Benicarló), the new athletes (Miguel Pérez, Diego López, Jairo Noriega, Ariana Gómez, Carmen Ferrara, Pere Jiménez, Víctor Ruiz, Sergio Martínez, Ainhoa Gimeno, Carmen Ramos, Pablo Ania, Rubén Albiol, Alba Cebrián, Carla Tejedo, Óscar Pinto, Aida Beteta and Pau Martínez) who joined Endavant Esports this season, giving them a ceramic submarine as a commemorative gift.

As well as the welcoming gifts, Villarreal CF used the Endavant Esports Gala to recognise a club and an athlete from Endavant Esports. TAU Castellon received the Frost-Trol 25th Anniversary Award, for their excellent trajectory in their first 25 years of existence, while Roberto Bautista received the 2019 Endavant Sporting Merit Award and the golden badge from the club for his excellent season and hard work as an ambassador for Castellón and provincial sport.

The Submarine also wanted to pay a special tribute to the Spanish women’s rugby team and the Spanish Basketball Federation, giving them an Endavant Sporting Merit Award each for their successes in 2019.

Endavant Esports is a project in which Villarreal CF sponsor clubs and athletes throughout the province of Castellón with the aim of collaborating in the growth and promotion of elite sport in the province. This initiative started over a decade ago with Pablo Herrera, after he picked up the silver medal in the Athens Olympics in 2004 in beach volleyball. Since then, the club has increased its economic collaboration – as well as the use of facilities and medical services – to a multitude of athletes and disciplines. For the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing, it provided grants for those who had the chance of taking part, finally doubling that for those who managed to. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, 16 athletes were given grants.

Currently, Villarreal CF sponsors 34 clubs:

  1. CA Playas de Castellón (athletics).
  2. TAU Castelló (basketball).
  3. CV l’Illa-Grau (volleyball).
  4. CV Mediterráneo (volleyball).
  5. CV Grau Castelló (volleyball).
  6. Vila-real Bàsquet Club (basketball).
  7. Servigroup Peñíscola FS (futsal).
  8. Marzá MoldeAzul Villarreal CF Fútbol Sala (futsal).
  9. Club Natación Castalia Castellón (swimming).
  10. Club Atletisme Vila-real (athletics).
  11. Club Waterpolo Castellón (water polo).
  12. CFS Bisontes Castellón (futsal).
  13. Club Patí Castalia (skating).
  14. Club de Handbol Vila-real (handball).
  15. Club Esportiu Bàsquet Vila-real (basketball).
  16. Club Natació Vila-real (swimming).
  17. Club Eolo Castellón (sailing).
  18. Club Taekwondo Granjo (taekwondo).
  19. Club Patí Vila-real (skating).
  20. Club Triatló Vila-real (triathlon).
  21. Hockey Club Castellón (hockey).
  22. Club de Tenis Vila-real (tennis).
  23. Vila-Swim Fondistas Club Natación (swimming).
  24. Club Triatló TriTrail de Castelló de la Plana (triathlon).
  25. Club Tritons de Vila-real (swimming).
  26. Vila-real Club Rugby Penyagolosa (rugby).
  27. Amics Handbol Onda (handball).
  28. Club Tennis Taula Santísimo Salvador (table tennis).
  29. Club Baloncesto Benicarló (basketabll).
  30. CD Roda (football).
  31. Primer Toque CF (football).
  32. Benicarló Base Fútbol (football).
  33. UD Vall d’Uxó (football).
  34. CE Vila d’Onda (football). 

The Endavant Esports project reaches 39 athletes:

  1. Pablo Herrera (beach volleyball).
  2. Roberto Bautista (tennis).
  3. Sebastián Mora (cycling).
  4. Sara Sorribes (tennis).
  5. Ariadna Edo (Paralympic swimming).
  6. Lidón Muñoz (swimming).
  7. Pablo Torrijos (athletics).
  8. Claudia Conte (athletics).
  9. Aitana Safont (athletics).
  10. Clara Arnau (atletismo).
  11. Osarumen Odeh (athletics).
  12. Rafael Culla (golf).
  13. Marta Fernández (canoeing).
  14. Vicente Claramonte (canoeing).
  15. Puchol II (pelota valenciana).
  16. Jorge Dávila (athletics).
  17. Carla Masip (athletics).
  18. Pau Borillo (athletics).
  19. Yunier Pérez (athletics).
  20. Carmen Jiménez (pelota valenciana).
  21. Eloy Hornero (athletics).
  22. Miguel Pérez (tennis).
  23. Diego López (pelota valenciana).
  24. Jairo Noriega (boxing).
  25. Ariana Gómez (athletics).
  26. Carmen Ferrara (athletics).
  27. Pere Jiménez (athletics).
  28. Víctor Ruiz (athletics).
  29. Sergio Martínez (athletics).
  30. Ainhoa Gimeno (athletics).
  31. Paula Viciano (athletics).
  32. Carmen Ramos Vellón (athletics).
  33. Pablo Ania (windsurfing).
  34. Rubén Albiol (athletics).
  35. Alba Cebrián (athletics).
  36. Aida Beteta (cycling).
  37. Carla Tejedo (golf).
  38. Óscar Pinto (tennis).
  39. Pau Martínez (athletics). 

The Submarine also works with five competitions:

  1. Penyagolosa Trails.
  2. Marató dels Dements.
  3. GP Vila-real-Morella.
  4. Semana Ciclista Femenina.
  5. Endavant Pilota Valenciana.