Villarreal B fall to AE Prat
Villarreal B fall to AE Prat

The Yellow reserves lost 3-1 in a match affected by strong wind

Villarreal B lost during their visit to AE Prat in a match that was affected by strong wing, which made the game difficult for both teams. The Catalan team were able to adapt better and managed to take the three points thanks to goals scored by Raíllo, Toni and Álex. The Yellow goal was scored by Edu Espiau (3-1).

AE Prat made it 1-0 in the 20th minute. After a messy phase of play inside the yellow area, the ball ended up at Raíllo’s feet, who made no mistake. The Yellow reserves responded on two occasions by Diego Collado. The shots by the Yellow striker could not find their way past the opposition defence towards the goal.

The second Catalan goal came close to half time. It was the 40th minute when Toni headed the ball into the net. Miguel Álvarez made two changes at the beginning of the second half the search for a response. Ahn and Millán entered the pitch to overturn the game.

Villarreal B went on to completely dominate. The Yellows closed the gap on the scoreboard in the 63rd minute. Diego Collado centred the ball from the right and Edu Espiau headed it into the net (2-1). Prat responded in the 83rd minute. Álex made good use of a rebound from Fuoli to make the score 3-1.

The next Villarreal B match will be against Sabadell at the Mini Estadi in January 2020.


AE Prat: Andrés; Cárdenas, Héctor, Putxi, Toni (Arjona, m. 82), Álex, Raíllo (Chabboura, m. 88), Guiu (Capa, m. 73), Argilaga, Guzmán and Salva.

Villarreal B: Fuoli; Migue, Sofian Chakla, Carlos Blanco, Goyo (Ahn, m. 46); Collado (Fran Álvarez, m. 78), Ramón Bueno, Lozano (Millán, m. 46), Iván Martín; Baena and Edu Espiau.

Goals: 1-0. Min. 20: Raíllo. 2-0. Min. 40: Toni. 2-1. Min. 63: Edu Espiau. 3-1. Min. 83: Álex.

Referee: Aranda Anquela. Booked: Toni and Capa (AE Prat) and Carlos Blanco (Villarreal B)

Stadium: Municipal Sagnier.