Download the official 2017/18 photo now!
Download the official 2017/18 photo now!

Fans can now download the photo with President Roig, the coaching staff and players

Villarreal CF fans can now download the new official First Team squad photo for the 2017/18 season. In the photo, club President, Fernando Roig, poses with Manager Javi Calleja, the whole Yellow Submarine squad and coaching staff in front of the newly remodelled façade of the South Stand of the Estadio de la Cerámica.

To get it, just click on ‘FOTO OFICIAL’ at the bottom of this article and you’ll have a photo to remember from the 2017/18 season. There are two options, you can download the photo with the entire First Team squad and staff, or the photo with just the players and President Fernando Roig, Javi Calleja, Quique Álvarez, José Romero, Luismi Loro, Jesús Unanua and Pascual Donat.

Also check out the Gallery above as there a few special photos there too! So, what are you waiting for, download your official 2017/18 team photos now!

Villarreal 2017/18 (from left to right): 

  • Top row: Darío, A. Marín, Álvaro, Bonera, Bacca, Bruno, Andrés Fdez., S. Asenjo, Barbosa, Cantero, Víctor Ruiz, Bakambu, Rodrigo, R. Semedo and Pau.
  • Middle row: Juan Hernández (masseur), Francesc Martí (analyst), Jorge Sifre (analyst), Pablo Manzanet (fitness coach), Luismi Loro (analyst), Pascual Donat (team delegate), José Romero (fitness coach), Javi Calleja (manager), Fernando Roig (President), Quique Álvarez (assistant manager), Jesús Unanua (goalkeeper coach), Adolfo Muñoz (doctor), Héctor Usó (nutritionist), Josep Rochera (physiotherapist), Rodrigo Herrero (physiotherapist), Jordi Vives (post-injury fitness coach), Jaume Cases (physiotherapist) and Javier Pérez (physiotherapist).
  • Bottom row: Jorge Garrido (kit man), Adrián Ortells (kit man), Chuca, Raba, Ramiro, Enes Ünal, Sansone, Soriano, Cheryshev, J. Costa, Mario Gaspar, M. Trigueros, S. Castillejo, Rukavina, P. Fornals, Leo Suárez, Mario González, Ángel Torres (post-injury fitness coach) and Sergio Broceño (nurse).