Charity and science with the Píxel Awards
Charity and science with the Píxel Awards

Villarreal and the CEU have awarded projects from three associations and an adapted sports club in Castellón

La Asociación Asperger Castelló (The Castellón Asperger’s Association), the Asociació d´Esclerosis Multiple de Castelló (Castellón Multiple Sclerosis Assosication), ADAPONDA-Club d´Esports Adapts (the Adapted Sports ANAPONDA Club) and ALCER Castalia are all winners in the first edition of the Píxel Awards, organised by the Charity Chair at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University and Villarreal CF through Aula Universitari Endavant.

The Píxel Awards recognise the best initiatives and action with regard to adaptation, research, accessibility and the best application in terms of quality of live to people with special needs and businesses who have taken part in the Píxel Health Days (Jornadas de Salud Píxel), which take place yearly in the CEU.

The four winning entities will share a cheque of €1,500 which will go towards putting projects in place that they have presented. These funds come from ticket sales for Villarreal CF matches at the Estadio de la Cerámica, with tickets being given to the CEU to sell among the university community at a special price, with the aim of raising funds for charity initiatives.

Villarreal and the CEU, united thanks to Endavant Formació

The first Píxel Awards are another link more in the collaborative work of the CEU and Villarreal CF through the Aula Universitaria Endavant initiative, part of the Endavant Formació project, which links an elite club with all its sporting and institutional implications to the university’s formative, practical and scientific programmes.

Other initiatives of social interest that are part of the Aula Universitaria Endavant CEU-Villarreal CF include the participation of students in the charity UNIRAID rally in Morocco, and the participation of dozens of nursing students in a humanitarian mission in Ghana, among other projects.