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An exciting call for LaLiga Genuine
An exciting call for LaLiga Genuine

Eduardo Hernández, from Villarreal’s intellectually-disabled team, took place in special video conference this morning

Players from the 36 LaLiga Genuine Santander teams met this morning in a very special video conference with Javier Tebas, LaLiga president and Rami Aboukhair, Santander Spain CEO. A total of 36 representatives from the different clubs took part in this virtual experience, with not only positive messages of encouragement, but also questions to the special guests. The other players, as well the coaching staff, family members and fans could watch this as well, on a live stream. Villarreal’s intellectually-disabled team (EDI) was represented by Eduardo Hernández.

In front of an excited audience, Tebas sent a message of hope to all players and their families, assuring them of the return of the competition in 2021, when there are optimal conditions and the current medical situation is appropriate to make sure everyone taking part stays healthy. He underlined that the objective is to enjoy this magnificent competition without any risk.

Tebas also underlined LaLiga’s pride in having a competition like this, where values are the most important thing. He asked those taking part to continue showing respect, tolerance and team-work in this complicated situation we’re all in, fighting against COVID-19, underlining that with hard work, anything is possible.

Aboukhair used the video to unveil the Panini LaLiga Genuine Santander sticker album. This initiative comes from a promise made by the Santander Spain CEO to the teams last November, in the official presentation of the 2019/20 season.

This album now exists thanks to the collaboration of Santander Spain, the title sponsor of the league, and Panini, the brand associated with the competition, who have worked with LaLiga to make the legendary sticker LaLiga Santander album, alongside the LaLiga Genuine Santander one. Aboukhair confirmed to the players that the digital version currently exists, and they are working on a physical copy to hand out when the circumstances allow so.

A very special album

The true league of stars, as Tebas refers to it, deserved to recognise in a historic way, such as the Panini album, the people at the centre of LaLiga Genuine Santander, a competition made up of teams of people with intellectual disabilities.

The album is made up of four books, with nine teams in each.

How to get it

Everyone who want to collect can do so from today, via the following website: or by downloading the following app: MyPanini Digital Collection, which is available on Android and iOS. Those with the app receive a pack of six stickers every day. Using the platform, they can swap with other users any repeated card to complete their collection.