“Whatever happens, our obligation is to win”
“Whatever happens, our obligation is to win”


Marcelino believes his team must go all out against Granada (tomorrow, 20:30 CET, El Madrigal) 
The Villarreal manager, Marcelino García Toral, explained today, prior to the league fixture against Granada CF (tomorrow, 20:30 CET, El Madrigal), that regardless of conditions like playing at home, the team’s good run as of late, or the possible absence of certain players, the Submarine must win. “We play against Granada and we want to beat them; and we will do this by giving them the utmost respect, as they have given us many reasons to respect them. Every game is difficult and it’s got nothing to do who if we’re on a good run or not. Whatever happens, our obligation is always to try to win, not just because we’re at home. A winning team should be so at home and away, we must always go for the win and this is what we always try to do. We’ve only lost one game at home, but this doesn’t make the next game any easier. You win because of what you do in the ninety minutes, what you’ve done up until now doesn’t count for anything”.
With respect to tomorrow’s rival, the Yellow’s manager indicated that they are powerful on the counter attack and have dangerous players. “Granada is a team that always creates problems for their opponents and they’ve got a great counter attack. They’ve got players that are dangerous and can get by you and so we’ve got to be really aware of this at the back. They attack the goal quickly, so we must finish our build up plays and be ready for their counterattacks. I don’t expect them to be defensive, they’ll probably look to pressure us in midfield and exploit the spaces we leave, I don’t think they’re a team to sit back”.
Lastly, Marcelino spoke about his teams level of play and emphasized the merits his team possess at this moment, of which there are numerous. “It’s impossible to maintain a high rhythm of play for ten months, it’s impossible for all players to be ok for ten months, what we’ve done so far is exhausting. It’s not easy to do what we are doing, to have so many points is a great achievement and sometimes this is forgotten. There are times that you’re not ok and it’s normal, for this reason I think the players deserve this recognition”.